Pop Image Perforation

Pop is a high-speed, simple-to-use tool for image perforation. It converts raster images like .jpg or bmp to DXF.
The output is specially designed the for sheet metal fabrication industry. Users like the simple interface and the possibility to adjust the tool diameters.
The first release of Pop was in 1999. It is now refactored and supports 64bit cpus for large bitmaps. As a result the image perforation is easier then ever.

Image Source: Pixabay

The software is developed by Uwerk. Uwerk provides solutions for laser-, punch- and bending-machines.


  • It is fast
  • No limit fpr part size
  • Individual Layouts
  • Individual tool-diameters can be assigned
  • Cluster tools output
  • Up to 10 Mio Strokes possible
  • 64bit Architecture
  • Slim DXF output
  • metric / inch support

Price: €880.-
This price includes all options. Updates are free of charge.

UWerk Software + Beratung GmbH
Uli Weber
Eibenweg 23
D-70597 Stuttgart

Tel.:  +49 711 767 35 86
Fax.: +49 711 767 35 87


Tiger, straight output
Image Source: Pixabay
Tiger, diagonal output
Image Source: Pixabay
Tiger, weighted output
Image Source: Pixabay
Tiger, straight output wit offset
Image Source: Pixabay
Tiger, dark background
Image Source: Pixabay

Pop Art: Deviation combined with fade-out filter:

Head, fade-out
Head, fade-out

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